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Bukito Portable Mini Printer Kit


Bukito Portable Mini Printer Kit 3DK-Bukito-150
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NOTE: This is to pre-order the Bukito kit. We estimate it'll be ready to ship around May-June 2014. Some details and specs may change as we are in the final protoyping stages, but most will remain the same, if not better.

This is our newest member to the Bukobot family. It's a sturdy, portable 3D printer you can take with you to all you adventures. Small, but mighty, the Bukito features 5.25"x6"x5" (140mmx150mmx125mm) build volume (150 cubic inches) and weighs about 7lbs.


Excellent for education, travelers and the young makers, the Bukito is easy to build and fun to use.

  • 150 cubic inches of freedom (5"x6"x5")
  • Works with Eco-Freindly and Safe PLA
  • 100mm+/sec speeds
  • Sturdy Aluminum frame (no wooden parts)
  • Uses 1.75mm filament
  • Adaptable to Battery Power
PLA Cooling Fan with Bracket (12)
Spinning Spool Holder for 9" Rolls (13)
Add A Spool of Material
PLA - Natural Clear 1kg (50)
PLA - Black 1kg (50)
PLA - Red 1kg (50)
PLA - Blue 1kg (50)
PLA - Green 1kg (50)
PLA - White 1kg (50)
Bukito Portable Mini Printer Kit
Bukito Portable Mini Printer Kit

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