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Prototyping Made Easy

With the introduction of rapid prototyping 3D printing it is now possible for a company to design a product on CAD software and then output the design to 3D printer. The machine automatically manufactures an accurate and realistic model of the product. Manufacturing using 3D printing is much more accurate than a model handmade by a skilled engineer or craftsperson and takes a fraction of the time.

Prototyping isn’t just for big companies anymore, with the advent of so many new ideas and concepts by everyone from your friends to your mother. 3D printing brings the ease of prototyping to the little guy.

Don’t forget, making prototypes isn’t limited to making a business out of your creation. There are innumerable ways to utilize 3D printing to enhance your life with just a one-time creation of an item, whether it’s replacing a broken part or making a kickstand for your phone.

The following are some examples of novel ideas brought to life through the easily accesible phenomena that is 3D printing.

Proof of concept – The Tie Can

The Tie Can

Created by one of our own friendly neighborhood Makers, the tie can is for those who take pride in a pristine, non-crumpled tie. The Can is the perfect way to make sure your ties stay in great condition, whether at home in the closet or on the go in your suitcase. The Tie Can has gone through a number of modifications to get to their current look and functionality, all of which were made possible for the team of people that already have full time jobs by the ease and affordability of 3D printed prototypes.

Visit the Tie Can Website

By YouBionic – First prototype of a 3D printed, robotic controlled prosthetic hand

3D Printed Prosthetic Hand and Bionic Arms

3D printing gives Federico Ciccarese the structure needed to prototype this bionic hand, as well as, as of August 10, 2015, bionic arms. The hands are controlled by an Arduino, allowing for robotic movements based on the wearer’s brain signals. The price of the YouBionic prosthesis is slated to be around $1000, which is much lower than the cost of traditional prosthetic hands that can cost $30,000 or more. “The aim of our research is to be able to make an Artificial Hand that can benefit those who unfortunately have lost one, by giving them the ability to perform basic everyday actions with relative ease. We want to achieve all this at a price lower than anything the market offers today; we want our product to be appealing to as many people as possible.”

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The Grale. Half grinder, half scale, its a chef’s best friend.

The Grale

The days of having to grind one’s herbs my mortar and pestle are gone! Of course, you can always use your coffee grinder to get that rosemary to the granular consistency you want, but having to clean it out every time after coffee, or having a second grinder dedicated to food stuffs, may not be the ideal method. The Grale was invented as the first  handheld herbal processor and weighing unit by Camitta. Camitta said, “Once awarded the patent for this grinder/scale apparatus, I became highly motivated to take this project to the next level.”

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Make The Perfect Prototype

Mastering 3D Printing shows you how to get the most out of your printer, including how to design models, choose materials, work with different printers, and integrate 3D printing with traditional prototyping to make techniques like sand casting more efficient.

You’ve printed key chains. You’ve printed simple toys. Now you’re ready to innovate with your 3D printer to start a business or teach and inspire other


Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, 3D printing can be done for a substantially smaller amount of money than a rapid prototyping systemt. Between the material used, machine wear and tear, system maintenance and labor, a part built using rapid prototyping technology can cost nearly double the same part 3D printed.
Like any new technology, learning something new takes time and effort. 3D printers are fairly easy to use, with a little common sense and thorough instructions. If you buy one, just make sure that it is from a reputable company with good customer service.
Thankfully, if you’re just looking to have a prototype made, We offer to print the prototype for you. If you don’t have a design, we can also help you make your vision a reality. There are no excuses for making your dreams happen.