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Unique Art Techniques

In today’s technologically advanced society, we are no longer limited to technology and art having to be separate entities. Mixed media and digital art have already taken the world by storm, and with the advent of 3D printing we are even closer to a perfect melting pot of techniques. Every individual has different skill-sets, but sometimes it is difficult to break out and enjoy creating in the world of art because, “I’m too old,””I can’t draw,” “I’m not artistic enough.” The impetus to create beautiful works of art and sculpture exist, regardless of ability, and now it is even easier for more people to be artistic and levels they never thought possible.

Not only is 3D printing usable for novel, unique works of art, it bridges the gap between the thousands of hours for a painter, sculptor or designer to produce a single piece of art and the fact that many people might want to have that art in their home. With 3D printing artists can now produce as many copies of that piece of art as they want and are not limited in artistic scope or time. Although some people may feel this will create commercialization of art, it is a means by which art can be shared to more and more people. Like it or hate it, 3D printing can now make designs easily accessible to anyone.

Wondering how 3D printing can enhance your artistic abilities? Here are some examples to show you that you’re ready for this next step.

Old Meets New

This creation of a snowglobe based on the historic Smolen Castle (located in Pilcza) was sparked by one woman’s love of historic castles. The magic begins with her creation of a beautifully intricate digital 3D model of a castle. New technology meets old as the castle is transformed from the blank canvas as printed using a modern 3D printer. The castle is hand-painted using resin and acrylic paints, the glass dome is created manually using the age-old method of hand-shaping in a Polish glassworks facility and the entire work is finished with a wooden stand, each one individually matched to each ball and shaped with a manual wood lathe.

Mixed Media Art

No where does it say that a person must stay true and rigid in their art! Mixed media is about experimenting, having fun and working with the differences of multiple types of media. Working with unforgiving marble, dallying with charcoal and ink sketches, painting with acrylic vs. oil. vs water and playing with thread to make unique lace snowflakes each have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is getting to learn and grow all of these different styles that allows the artist to create.

These pieces of art combine machine embroidery, knitted wire, materials embedded in resin, digital image transfers on fabric from the artist’s original photos, recycled elements and more with the 3D printed structures.

Art For All

Not only is the 3D art created beautiful, intricate and unique, it also provides a unique way for a part of the population to appreciate art that have never before been given the chance: the blind. Although many of us have been able to see the smile of the Mona Lisa, attendees at the National Federation of the Blind of Washington got to experience it for the first time with the help of a 3D printed version.

Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the way you look at things. If using tools to shape intricate patterns into clay impossible to create by hand and fingers alone is cheating, then using 3D printing could be considered as such. However, if items are created as 2D digital art and then printed and sold, it is no different from an art piece being designed as a 3D art piece and printed. Not to mention that using 3D printing allows artists who might not have access to an entire work-room of materials to have their hand at expressing themselves.
Think of using your 3D object as a canvas on which to paint. You have complete creative control to change the original look and feel to your own.