Ironman Glove Prosthetic made with a Bukobot

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IronMan 3D Printed Kids HandThere is no doubt that with the ever increasing advancements in 3D printing technologies we see a greater need to utilize these tools for social advancement. Without having to delve into the greater philosophical dimensions of this observation, key developers that I’ve come across, through media, who actually utilize their talents for the ‘greater good’ have truly astounded me. Take for instance Pat Starace Mr. Starace dedicated a month to research and build a prosthetic hand for children using a Bukobot V1 by Deezmaker to do the print model,  and I’ve gotta admit, it is the coolest prosthetic I’ve ever seen. An Iron Man molded replica that is also a functioning and highly adaptable prosthetic with several useful and vital features. Each piece of the Iron Man hand was printed using the Bukobot V1 and pieced together. Similar to most primary uses of a naturally functioning arm the Iron Man hand prosthetic rotates and grabs rather identically displaying fluid motion and functionality. Mr. Starace’s dedication and hard work is truly noble, a brilliant creation using one of today’s greatest tech advancements, for the greatest hearts.

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