Deezmaker Announces New “Maker Muscle” Kickstarter Project

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Maker Muscle is Deezmaker’s next big thing. If you love robots or need some robotics in your project, Maker Muscle actuator system is for you.

On May the 4th (…be with you), Deezmaker announced that Maker Muscle will be launched on Kickstarter and will be shown and the next Bay Area Maker Faire on May 20th & 21st.

What’s is Maker Muscle?

It’s a revolutionary, new fully customizable actuator system for Makers, hobbyist and DIY projects. This is the first low cost actuator system you can fully customize any way you like. Customize the motor, speed, strength, and even mounting system exactly how you need it to do the job.

Visit to see more and to follow progress on this new project from Deezmaker.

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