Student Entrepreneurship with 3D Printing

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Sandy Myers, a Clairbourn parent who is in charge of this year’s Market Place, says she’s hoping to replicate last year’s smashing success. Her 13-yeard-old son, Nicholas, had a booth selling 3D printed luggage ID tags on a carabiner at $7 apiece. He had several pre-made tags but he also offered personalized ones created on site (he estimated that each would take about eight minutes to make) and tags were likewise available on order.

Nicholas realized that even the best laid plans could go awry, however, when wi-fi problems caused his production to run over schedule and exceed the time he had built into his cost analysis. But luck proved to be on his side – the Huntingtower 7th graders (a program started in 2000 where Clairbourn exchanged students with an Australian school counterpart) were at the Fair and saw the luggage tags. Huntingtower’s entire 7th grade class ordered personalized luggage tags made in the color of their “house” to identify their duffel bags.

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