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Deezmaker Bukobots at Palm Crest Elementary – LA Times

Source: Tim Berger / Staff Photographer 3D printing continues to take the world by storm in the educational environment. Back in October 2015, Palm Crest Elementary started a new program to teach a small group of fifth-graders about 3D design and 3D printing. Taught then by Tara Hall, the class gives hands-on experience to [...]

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Student Entrepreneurship with 3D Printing

Sandy Myers, a Clairbourn parent who is in charge of this year’s Market Place, says she’s hoping to replicate last year’s smashing success. Her 13-yeard-old son, Nicholas, had a booth selling 3D printed luggage ID tags on a carabiner at $7 apiece. He had several pre-made tags but he also offered personalized ones created on [...]

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