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Deezmaker Announces New “Maker Muscle” Kickstarter Project

Maker Muscle is Deezmaker's next big thing. If you love robots or need some robotics in your project, Maker Muscle actuator system is for you. On May the 4th (...be with you), Deezmaker announced that Maker Muscle will be launched on Kickstarter and will be shown and the next Bay Area Maker Faire on May [...]

2017-05-07T04:52:22+00:00 May 7th, 2017|Blog, Featured Articles|

Deezmaker Bukobots at Palm Crest Elementary – LA Times

Source: Tim Berger / Staff Photographer 3D printing continues to take the world by storm in the educational environment. Back in October 2015, Palm Crest Elementary started a new program to teach a small group of fifth-graders about 3D design and 3D printing. Taught then by Tara Hall, the class gives hands-on experience to [...]

2016-12-18T06:46:29+00:00 April 19th, 2016|Blog, Education, In The Press|

3D Printing Benefiting our Furry Friends

Technological advances are wondrous and inspiring, but when they are used to help those less fortunate there is a special feeling that help elicits. Hope. And who better to give aid to than for those who can't even ask? Here are just a few instances where 3D printing, and the human heart, have made [...]

2016-12-18T06:46:29+00:00 February 27th, 2016|Blog, Featured Articles|

Student Entrepreneurship with 3D Printing

Sandy Myers, a Clairbourn parent who is in charge of this year’s Market Place, says she’s hoping to replicate last year’s smashing success. Her 13-yeard-old son, Nicholas, had a booth selling 3D printed luggage ID tags on a carabiner at $7 apiece. He had several pre-made tags but he also offered personalized ones created on [...]

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Makerspace Now Open!

The Deezmaker Makerspace is now ready for members Daily & weekly passes are now available! Enjoy access to specialized tools, creative classes, and unlimited 3D printing for as little as only $25/day Our new dedicated website for the Makerspace is now Deezmaker.Space Get Access Today

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Deezmaker Expands into a New Makerspace in Pasadena

Deezmaker is proud to announce our Grand Opening of our new Makerspace in Pasadena on May 3rd, 2015. Come join us to see our new “Deez Makerspace”, showroom and workshop area right next to our original Deezmaker headquarters in Pasadena. On May 3rd, we will be having our Grand Opening celebration of our new “Deez [...]

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Ironman Glove Prosthetic made with a Bukobot

There is no doubt that with the ever increasing advancements in 3D printing technologies we see a greater need to utilize these tools for social advancement. Without having to delve into the greater philosophical dimensions of this observation, key developers that I’ve come across, through media, who actually utilize their talents for the ‘greater good’ [...]

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