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About the Company

Deezmaker manufactures 3-D printer kits which are sold online and at its San Dimas, California retail store. The Deezmaker retail store was also the first 3-D printer store on the West Coast (and only the second one in the country.)  Opened in late 2012 (previously in Pasadena), Deezmaker’s in-store makerspace gives 3-D printing enthusiasts a place to get together and find ways to innovate and move the field forward.  Monthly open meetings for the community on the first Sunday of each month have become local focal points for 3D printing evangelism.

Deezmaker was a Kickstarter success story from its beginnings.  A 2012 campaign for the first printer (the Bukobot) launched the company, raising roughly four times the minimum requested amount.  A subsequent Kickstarter campaign in summer 2013 for the new, portable Bukito printer raised 2.5 times its requested goal.

Key Staff

Diego Porqueras
Diego PorquerasPresident / CTO / Founder
Diego Porqueras is the President and Founder of Deezmaker. He is also the inventor of the Bukobot 3-D printer which he introduced in April 2012 on Kickstarter. The project quickly raised nearly four times the requested amount, and a few months later he opened “Deezmaker” the first 3D printing store & hackerspace in the U.S. Diego has always been fascinated by making things. A summer school computer science class in sixth grade got him started, and he continued with high school metal shop, electronics and computer programing.

Diego worked as a photographer, graphic designer and as a web developer for many years and then, in 2000, took a film class at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design which started a new career in the film industry. He started working as a production assistant on movies and music videos and took any opportunity he could get to be on film sets. Eventually, he started working productions in the camera department as a camera tech working on films such as Jim Carrey’s “Fun with Dick and Jane”, “Children of Men”, “Burn After Reading” and other commercials and television shows. A desire to make better camera mount equipment led him to 3D printing, and a passion for making machines better led him to go beyond the available kits to make his own.

The Bukobot & Bukito Founders

In April 2012, Diego launched his first Kickstarter project and raised almost 400% of funds to make the Bukobot printer design a reality and to be able to share it with the world. Thanks to the amazing support of the kickstarter community, the Bukobot has come to market.

Below is the list of people that had faith in the Bukobot project from the beginning and contributed in helping it’s development and release to market.

Whosawhatsis? (whosawhatsis.com) , Roy Cortes (panucatt.com) , Nantronics Inc. (www.nantronics.com) , Jess J. Delgado , Klas Linderholm , Travis Good , Carbon America , todbot , Evgeniy “Lebannehn” Astapushkin , peacock.com , Dean Jensen , WeLearn Educational Software , Matt Brown , Jason Piterak , Erin Besler , Luc Leblanc , Anonymous , Sokolov Igor , DoesAnyoneHave.Com , Paul R. Davis , Tiny Tape Recorder , Stephen Anderesmullen , Brandon Melchior , Whalebone IR and Software (whaleboneIR.com) , Aporia Advisors , Celeste Palmer , David DeBord , Daniel Tiberius LaFlash , Steps2Light (www.SeattleMassage.co) , Paul L. Cimino , Charles Alvis , Johnathon D. Flowers , Doc Thody , Varian Hebert , Dominik Schmitt , Jimmy Ray Tyner 3rd , Scott Gross , George A Gennuso , John M. Baker , The Littlefield Family , Joe Wieclawek

Roman ‘Hoodoo’ Grazhdan , William D Saturno (PromoDog.com), Mircea Ungureanu (theqwerty.biz) , Jens Chr Brynildsen (flashgamer.com/arduino) , Helen Febrie (be.net/helenfebrie) , Nancy Vantassel , Mike Massie (www.michaelmassie.com), Pierre-Arnaud Cointin , John Staskevich (staskevich.com) , Alexander Weyermann (www.goldleaf.com.au), Paulo de Lemos Marini (opensourceecology.org), Guillermo Sanchez Estrada (sanchez-estrada.com.mx) , Justin R. (www.celadonsystems.com), Limerain (www.limerain.com) , Mr. Nova Upinel Shing Hei Chow Altesse (Upinel.com) , www.thi3d.com >>> share + create + collaborate <<< (www.thi3d.com), UFirst Group (www.ufirstgroup.com) , Chris Savage (thebowllid.com) , MONICA ANA HIRSCH , siruba  , Zack Juhasz (google plus) , Pete Prodoehl (rasterweb.net), Matt Cieslukowski , Ross Hendrickson (savorywatt.com), Sans , Infinitec (www.infinitec.com), Bertho Boman (www.Vinland.com) , Alexander Y. Hawson, M.D. , Floris Vermeir , Robert Acton (gew.org.nz) , Tyler Stephen Wang , Sylvester Bergvall (waffledskarj.se) , Matthew Cisneros , Green Ratio (www.greenratio.com) , Justin MacCarthy (justinmaccarthy.org) , matt wilkie (www.maphew.com) , Fausto Perez (email), Arnon Katz , OpenELand  (openeland.org), Scott Lipsig , Mykhailo , Dylan Metz (facebook) , Tiago Stirmer Daitx , Phil Napolitano , Jesse Gidwll , Trevor Haagsma (X1domain.weebly.com) , Kalani Kirk Hausman (stemulate.org) , Andrin Tuor (Lucerne/CH) , Michael Antoine , Jeremy Peronto (tradereads.com), Sabah Ahmed Kosoy (sabahahmed.com), fxStudio (www.fxstudio.fi)

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